Established in 1983 the firm is counselling companies mainly in commercial and corporate law; it is a founding member of the Association of Independent European Lawyers' ("AIEL"), a network of independent law firms through Europe, specialized in commercial law. Avvocato Levi is member of AIEL and member of the board of the Italian Association for the protection of competition; member of the board of AIGLI (“International Association of Lawyers of Italian Language”) 2011-2014, vicepresident 2014-2017 and Director responsible of AIGLI official Gazette.


Born in Milan, Italy, November 16, 1948
Admitted: 1974,Milan
Education: State University of Milan (J.D., magna cum laude, 1971); New York University (Fulbright Grant and New York University Grant, M.C.J., 1972)

Practice Areas
Mergers and Acquisitions
Company Law
Private International Law
Intellectual Property

  • Italian
  • English
  • French

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  • "The Joint Stock Company with a Sole Shareholder," 2004
On March 2010 Dossier Lombardia published an article on Studio Avvocato Levi.